About Us

Value represents service and quality. Since its founding on February 15, 1993, American Industrial Supplies & Tool Repair, Inc. has had only two priorities. First, our customers, and second the best products in the industry. We realized from the beginning that the road to success is shared by two groups of people; hard working, enthusiastic sales people that provide extraordinary service and value, and their satisfied customers. Our industry is very competitive, so we feel to be the best possible vendor, it is necessary to put the customer`s needs ahead of all else. We go to great lengths to instill knowledge, dignity & pride into each of our sales representatives while at the same time teaching them how to provide accurate and pertinent information about our products and their value to the end user. In this business “Trust” is the most expensive commodity.

American Industrial Supplies & Tool Repair, Inc. feels the difference between being a good company and a great one is measured greatly by after the sale support. At American Industrial Supplies & Tool Repair, Inc. our job is not finished until the customer is completely satisfied. We Pride Our Self in Being the Most Knowledgeable Sales Staff in the Valley Area. Whether this means providing training for the customer's staff on how to most effectively and safely use the products or simply supplying good information, we will always be quick to respond to our customer`s needs. Safety in the workplace is important to us and to our customers. In the end we know you have a choice where you do business & we thank you for doing business with us.

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